Distance sessions - How does it work?

  • If I was to take the scientific approach, I would explain that in quantum physics, time and space is a constant. Which means that when you tap into the quantum field, the past, present, future and distance differ only in their frequency. Using energies that are of the same frequency type as the quantum field, it becomes possible to create change at this level to your energy template that resides in that field, creating change at the moment you become aware of it, in the for of a "download" of information. 
  • Everybody has an energy template within that field, it is what creates our reality
  • You may ask how one would go about to connect to this "quantum field". There's probably an infinite way to do this, I can only tell you how I learned to do it. 
  • The first thing to do is believing it is possible
  • The second thing is to enter a quiet state of mind by lowering your brain waves to alpha and theta. Here is a good article on brainwaves if you're interested in more science of this process.
  • Being in this state, allows you to make modification in your subconscious mind to create this space within you, where you can connect to any one, any where, past present or future. It takes a bit of time and practice to apply and develop the feel, the vision and most importantly, the trust of what you perceive, but any one can do it.
  • I personally went through the Mindscape course to learn this technique, but the Silva method is the exact same thing. Technically, if you apply these techniques you can change anything about your life, I think everybody should take this course just to understand the depth of their human potential.

Is it as effective as in person session?

  • Yes. If it wasn't, I wouldn't offer this service. 
  • People report tinglings, felt energies moving in various parts of the body, falling asleep, heat/cold sensations, changes in physical/emotional/mental states, muscles twitches, spontaneous movements, visions. Everybody is different and every session is uniquely designed, so effects are limitless.

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