Un-believing, where do I start?

     That's pretty easy actually! First of all, just having an open mind to try a new belief is all that is needed to make changes in your life. It creates a gap in your attraction field and improves the chances to attract desired outcomes. 


     Then, you can start anything that doesn't make you the master of your life. What I mean by that is beliefs that says: "you are born poor, you will die poor", "true love doesn't exist and i will never find it", Dr. Saying " You have three months to live". These are all beliefs that are imposed by others, like curses, affecting your ability to provide for yourself and your family, finding love and happiness and literally, your body's ability to heal and live.


     If some one ever told you a "fact" that doesn't sit well with you, try thinking what if it isn't true? What would happen? "What if I can be rich even if I was born poor?" Then try to find other people who started poor and became rich and famous. Do some research on their lives, their path to success. Just to prove to your mind that it is possible. From the moment it is clear that it is possible, then it becomes possible... for you!


     Once that idea becomes well settled in, it is time to test the principle, you need to make physical actions that are in line with that new belief. The physical act is the ultimate cement the binds your ideas and feelings into your reality. Any actions that enables you generating more money, ie: applying for a better job, buying a business, becoming your own boss, are all actions that overwrites your belief's programming. It is also important to counter act any feelings and thoughts you may get that doesn't align with what you are trying to do with an opposite feeling. Feel and think that it will be successful, use your will to overpower any tendency to fail. It takes practice and constant effort, but it is a way you can use to change your reality.


     Statements about love and self-love often rotates around the concepts of worthiness. It is an infinitely complex field, as there is a lot of reason one would "rank" oneself or compare to others to "find" a threshold one would fit in. The ultimate truth is: "You are worth everything in this world". Worthy of  Love, Money, Success, Health. Then why shouldn't you be or have all of that? If you ask yourself that, I'm sure your mind will come with excuses. It might be a good idea to write down everything that stops you from achieving "the big four" in your life. Once written down you can do the exercise to find where and why you think that or you could find opposing statements and take physical actions to prove to yourself that you are worth all of that.


     If someone starts to disrespect you, standing your ground and saying out loud that you are worth more than that and you will not accept this kind of behavior in your life, it send a very strong message to all your bodies, beliefs and greatly affect your attraction field. Physical actions and experiences is the most meaningful ways you can change your life, your reality. You need to transcend what you think, feel and will yourself through a situation that proves what you want to be, what you want to experience in your life.


     I personally tried to create my reality using meditations, visualization, controlling thoughts and emotions for years, but wasn't able to truly make significant changes until I went through the physical manifestations of my ideas to make it happen. Everything is good, everything works, but there's just nothing like taking physical actions. Always go into a situation expecting to succeed but be happy that you failed. Failure is always a great lesson if you have the wisdom to look deeper and find what went wrong. Keep at it until you are so sure of yourself that there's no other options than create the exact reality that you want.


     I highly recommend you take a look at the following, if you want to learn more about how you can more easily un-create what doesn't work in your current reality to then create exactly what you want.

  • Mindscape ; a course to help build the mental framework that will help you take a bigger role in creating your life. It also will enhances your senses, give you numerous tools to affect every part of your reality.
  • The Silva Method ; i never personally took this class, but it is what I believe to be the structure from where Mindscape was built. So I feel compelled to include it here, the site is well maintained and rich in information. The difference here is they want you to undergo "levels" of training and information is provided in small increments. Mindscape is one or two week ends, the rest is practice. You do NOT need a million courses to be good at it. If you believe that you do yourself a disservice. Find a tool that works for you and let you imagination open the door to possibilities.
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza : I just found him recently, yet he says the exact same thing I've been shown to be true for years. His work consists of providing materials which bridges the gap between science and ancient esoteric teachings. He also gives precise, concrete methods for you to work towards your goals, with thousands of testimonies and results to back his techniques. What I really like about his approach, is how he helps you disconnect from your past and reconnect to a future you want to live instead. Check out his interviews on youtube and books, to get an idea on how he works and what it can do for you.
  • Wisdom Door : this one is a bit more (a lot actually) esoteric, but provides a good balance between how our thoughts and feelings creates our reality. His website is gorged with free information and his books are pretty cheap. I used a lot of material from his books to create my beliefs and the structure by which I understand myself and life. It's not for everybody but it helped me a great deal at a time I really needed it.
  • But do not forget, if you use any of these methods, implement them in the physical world, it will make a world of a difference. Take a chance to do extraordinary things, you might just become an extraordinary person!


     In conclusion, start with a small thing, study the subject on the web and choose the facts/arguments that works for you to believe in. Start believing your body can do amazing thing and believe me, it will. Proofs are all over the place, you just need to believe you can do it also. If you need a hand to get things started, use my belief in you to get the stone rolling in your favor, I believe in you 100% and will cheer for you all the way, even if nobody else's does.


     You've got the power!

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