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     Our bodies are actually very simple to understand, we make it very difficult. You see, we create our own reality so, whenever you perceive any physical pain, limitations, discomfort, immune system dysfunctions, sickness, diseases, your physical body is reacting to one or many of your belief systems. 


     That is why a LOT of healing modalities have developed systems to associate physical pain and dis-ease to possible causes. Examples of this would be: if someone who has to move forward in a situation in life but get stuck in fear, it may show up as pain in the legs, limiting movements, mimicking the mental/emotional situation of this person.  Another one would be if someone is overly afraid to get sick, making sure no germs comes in the immediate vicinity of the person, would either show in auto-immune diseases or a sensitivity to any known disease.

Because that person has no trust in her ability to fight disease with her body, the belief sends "orders" to the body to give up "fighting" germs.


     It is the same concepts with emotional, mental pain and dysfunction. An example of that would be let's say a person truly believes cannot be loved, will either attract relationship where no love is reciprocated or only hate is accepted.

     Where it gets a bit more complicated is when you put everything together. You see, like the picture to the left, the spiritual body is in the mental body, the mental is in the emotional body and the emotional is in the physical body, like the matroshka dolls. 


     As all bodies overlap one another and communicate information, one belief system or a trauma can cause a ripple effect across all bodies. Yet we (society) try to "heal" everything individually, but being complex beings, it's impossible to fully heal one issue if we forget to look at the other 3 bodies.


     It is even harder if the issue is caused from a person's beliefs, as unless said belief is bypassed or removed, healing won't be possible. If you are feeling any kind of symptoms that stops you from enjoying your life, I urge you to take a look at your beliefs and to try to open your mind in such a way that you believe healing is possible.

     It is my specialty to read a person's energy, patterns, habits and events to understand the patterns creating the issues you are struggling with and bring them to your conscious mind, providing alternative beliefs to help you heal yourself. If you need any help to pinpoint where you could start working on, leave me a call, email or book through my services tab.

      You may also want to read Dr. Joe Dispenza's material, or watch his numerous interviews on youtube. There is plenty of testimonies about people "healing" through meditation, through un-believing the beliefs that caused "dis-ease" in the first place.

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