How does business Harmonization works?

     In the quantum field, all possibilities exist. What determines which possibilities becomes our current reality is our attraction field. The attraction field is what attracts people, customers, other businesses, relationships, situations, events, basically everything that takes part in your reality. It is affected by our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions. The same applies for a business or a company, except that your employees thoughts, emotions and actions have an impact on the overall entity of your enterprise. It is easy to put rules in place to control the actions of your workforce, but this doesn't stop them from feeling and thinking.


     If the majority of your workforce is unhappy or negative, they become less productive and creates a ripple effect that affects all members of the group. When the whole of the group becomes majorly "negative", it distorts the attraction field to bring in negativity. Now it is a general term I use to underline that it attracts misfortune.


     Through Harmonization, I can help clear negativity, change thoughts patterns and align beliefs. The physical impact of this will reduce the stress of your workforce, improving productivity, improving overall morale and change the attraction field of the entirety of the company. It also makes it so that the employees will start to move within the organization, slowly taking their most optimal post and it even will gradually make unwanted personnel go away on their own, making room within the field to let the best candidates in, further elevating efficiency and productivity.


     This is the internal part of the work I do, making sure your business is energetically "healthy", to make room for positive relationships and outcomes to come into reality. Once this is done, we can now work on the external part, which is to bring in the business relationships, the events, situations, opportunities, that will align with the general direction that you want for your company. 


     I do this by tapping into the quantum field and connecting your enterprise to a possible future where the goal is reached. What happens then is it connects all the events needed to reach that objective, changing the possible future to a more favorable one. The opportunities, however, must be taken when they arise, I create opportunities but I cannot force you to take them. It is up to you to take the right decisions when they appear, in order to reach the desired destination.


     The other aspect of external Harmonization is it changes how people perceive your company. People will tend to remember your company name more than others and feel better about it. Which leads to increase in clientele, better reviews and more referrals. 


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