House Clearing

Why do houses need energy clearing?

  • Everything is energy. From that principle, whatever affects humans, also affects inanimate objects, like houses. Houses can act as a single being, which are subject to events happening within it's walls. So if events provokes intense emotional reactions from it's inhabitants, it leaves imprints within it's halls. It's usually not a problem under normal circumstances, as the imprint can clear itself over time but if similar events happens consistently, it leaves no time to be cleansed and increases the "strength" of the imprint.
  • When the imprint becomes too strong, it becomes a beacon that emanates the same kind of "energy" it absorbed over the years, which impacts people getting close to it. So if a human struggling with anger issues who lashed out repetitively towards himself or others over several years, then left the premises. The next occupants may always feel this anger, thinking it's coming from them, but in fact, only being entrained by the residual energy of the previous occupants.
  • Imagine the energetic impact entire lifetimes of abuse can leave on a house, yeah... That is why energy clearing is important


Is energy clearing always required?

  • No! 
  • Most of the time, physically altering the location of the imprint will diminish or completely remove all of it's energetic traces. You see, in the "other" realms, the closer the physical location resembles the memory of when the imprints were left, it creates a kind of gateway where the past "leaks" into the present. That is how emotional entities or "ghosts" come through. The more you change the location, the harder it is for this energy to come through.
  • In some cases like holy grounds, graveyards, and such, alterations are often not enough to stop the "leaking" and MAJOR clearing is required.


Great! So what kind of physical altering is recommended?


  • Basic painting and floor covering is usually all it takes. Be careful though, make sure all the walls and ceilings are thoroughly covered. If you skip some rooms, floors or walls, that's most likely where the energy will come through. Think of it like "waterproofing" against past energetic imprints.
  • Major construction work like bringing down walls to resize rooms, extensions, recovering floors, etc... have the same impact, but don't forget the water-proofing effect!


How can you clear a house at a distance?

  • As you may or may not know, quantum reality exists outside time and space, so it is possible to affect past present or future by connecting to it.
  • So I basically treat a house or a dwelling as if I was treating a human, and let the consciousness of the house lead me to how best it is to release all the emotions, traumas, active memories, that may still be affecting it to this day.
  • Doing it in this way, I do not require physical interactions with the dwelling to change it's vibration
  • The other cool thing I can do is once the house is "clear", I can call upon positive energy to give a specific purpose or promote a wide range of effects. Think of it like "blessing" an area for increased income, safety, well-being, feeling peaceful, happiness, etc...


What is a ghost or an entity?


  • Demons, spirits, ghosts, oni, ogres, etc... They are beings that live outside the physical reality. As you may know, there are multiples layers of reality; emotional, mental, source, angelic, etc... Basically if you can imagine it, you just created this possibility within your reality, that's how quantum fields works. In the case of a ghost or entity residing in homes, it's a fragment of a past ego, emotional or mental attachment that lingers between worlds seeking healing.
  • Souls never linger around, they always pass over, I repeat, what is left is residual ego or attachments, it's never the actual soul being trapped in limbo.


How can I defend against ghosts or entities?


  • So the way quantum fields work, what you believe, you create. If you believe you need to protect yourself then you also believe they can attack you. Which is giving power to those energies. 
  • You are a way more powerful being because you have a soul and a direct connection to source, basically nothing can fuck with you unless you give permission to do so. To defend, you just need to believe they cannot do anything against you, which is true, just check yourself for emotional reaction and stay as neutral as possible or better, love it with all your heart. If you give in to fear it means you no longer believe in your own power and they will use your fears against you. If you love it you can actually help it heal and release it.
  • That is why men of faith used to handle exorcism and energy clearing in the past because faith is very powerful on this level.


There is no definite way to clear a house


  • I just want to mention that every way to clear energy is valid. Rituals, smudging, inscriptions, reading holy scriptures, chanting, singing bowls, anything! 
  • I just like to make things simple and I created a modality where i could release emotional energies from any field at any time anywhere. 
  • If you believe you need pure blooded shaman with special equipment and rituals lasting for 3 days in the physical world to do a proper clearing it is your belief, it is not a reality. I do it in the quantum world, so time isn't affected and I got a LOT of helpers in that realm, which enables me to do a lot without doing a lot :).


If you have further questions feel free to email it to me and I'll get back to you asap!

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