Hi! If you are here it's because you're wishing for change in your life, but you don't really know how to go about it. The need for change can show up for any reason, it can be made apparent by any symptoms, our external world is a reflection of our internal world, pain and discomfort is simply a message from our bodies to tell us we need to change something, for our better good.

    This site aims at delivering various information and perspectives aiming to help you find ways to help you create this change yourself. I also provide services to help you find what needs adjusting and align you towards a path you will want to walk on.


     This site is also home to my blog, "The Adventures of Rick and Monty", where I mainly write my adventures as a Van Lifer and how I created the changes in my life I needed to free myself from pain and suffering.

     I truly wish for you to find what you require to make this life, the one you want to live in. If I can help in any way, it will be a great joy and honour to do so, happy browsing and thank you for passing by!