A Healing session aimed at bridging the gap between your current "self" and the "self" you aspire to become. More info


What to expect: 

  • More desire for life
  • Creates new opportunities for personal growth
  • Increased clarity for what your true "goals" are
  • Increased energy to work towards your true "goals"
  • Reduced mental/emotional stress 
  • Gain the ability to no longer be "triggered" by certain people and situations
  • Feeling of being empowered and balanced

What you get:

  • Personalized Audio or Video recording with possibility of live call More info
  • Access to upgrade to live coaching series
Healing Sessions

Price: 150$/hour

Numerology Reading


     Numerology is the study of vibrations through letters and numbers. Your name represents how your soul expresses itself and your date of birth represents what your soul wishes to learn during this lifetime.


     Through this reading you will understand your strengths and weaknesses, what your soul wants to learn/experience during this life time and how to use your gifts in ways that are aligned towards your soul's purpose. For more info I have a series of videos on numerology that you can take a look at here.

What you get:

  • Audio recording or possibility of a live call
  • A picture of the physical version of the reading so you can re-read it in the future
  • Reading of your core numbers, your past, current and following year energetic probabilities
  • Can determine the best time to take action or make decisions according to the vibration of numbers
  • Question and answer after the call or SMS/email for further inquiries at no additional costs
  • After the original reading, I can create the map of your past and future through the vibration of numbers, highlighting possible events that has gone by and will happen
  • Adjustable price depending on the amount of information you desire

30 mins/60$

Harmonize your Business


     A business is built upon relationships. Between the people working within a company with the people living outside of it.  Harmonizing your business smooths out both aspects and help brings new favorable relationship to be built. More info


What to expect:

  • Increased revenue
  • Increased in clientele and the type of clientele you get
  • Attract new business relationships and opportunities
  • Affect how people will perceive your company, allowing for better reviews and increased referrals
  • Movements within the company, employees will start to move to their most efficient post, increasing productivity, lowering tensions and increasing morale
  • Detailed report for every Harmonization
  • Constant support and feedback

What I need:

  • Brief description of the services your business provides
  • Brief history of the company
  • Number of employees and their occupying posts (I don't need names)
  • General description of the direction you'd like your company to take

What you get: 

  • Personalized Audio or Video recording with possibility of live call More info
  • Access to upgrade to long term business harmonization

Price: 150$/hour*

*How much time is required to get results?


It depends on the number of employees, the current state of your company, the goals you wish to reach and the ability to take the new opportunities that will start to appear.


1 hour per 5 employees will get things started, as it becomes more complicated the more employees you have more time will have to be dedicated to harmonize their fields and the company as a whole.

Wingman Bundle


     For those who wish for assistance, support and continuous guidance over a prolonged period. More info


     This is a bundle of 5 x 1 hour Live coaching sessions in which I counsel and do energy techniques to help keep you aligned towards your personal goals.


What to expect:

  • Learn techniques and habits to use for yourself to help you along the way
  • Clarity on what is going on in life and why
  • Feeling stable and secure even during rapid life changes and transitions
  • Plenty of exciting opportunities will start to rise
  • Willingness to change and try new opportunities
  • Constant re-balancing to keep you focused on your path
  • Reduction of all the *noise* that distracts you from your goals

What you get:

  • 5 x 1 hour Live call, booked when you need it (One week in advance).
  • Priority booking
  • My unwavering support no matter what you wish to accomplish, I'll be there 100% of the way
  • Unlimited SMS and email support 
  • Recordings to re-listen to whenever you need

Price: 500$ for 5 x 1 hour sessions

Disclaimer: If you commit to book 5 sessions, I'll commit to support and empower you all the way through. I truly believe in your potential and I will use everything that I know to make you realize how powerful you really are and help achieve your goals.

Long term business harmonization



     After initially harmonizing your business, you may want to make sure that everyday decisions are keeping you on the same track that what you were originally intending or even better, want to re-adjust, on the fly, to make better use of the new opportunities that will arise. More info



What you get:

  • Pre-booked harmonization at regular intervals
  • Making sure your company stays on top
  • Re-adjustment of the quantum field on demand
  • Regular energetic maintenance ensures that the company and employees perform at peak conditions, for a longer period of time.
  • Discount based on the amount of booked time
  • Detailed report for every Harmonization
  • Constant communication and feedback


Price: *100-140$/hour

 *Please send me an email with the details of your business and the time/frequency that you would be interested in and I'll get back to you with a quote.

House Energy Clearing



     Just as I can clear energies at a distance for a human being, I can do the same for inanimate objects and houses. Inanimate objects are made of energy like everything else and can hold memories, emotions and entities. If you feel uneasy in your house, have seen shadows, eerie lights, heard sounds or if you feel certain emotions for no reasons in your living space, it may need to be cleared. More info


What to expect:

  • Feeling at home in your living space
  • Feeling comfortable and secure
  • No more eerie sound, visions, etc... disturbing you in your home
  • Your home can become your partner, enhancing positive outcomes, energy and well being within it's walls
  • I can also "bless" your home with certain properties

What you get:

  • Personalized Audio or Video recording with possibility of live call More info

What I need:

  • Perceived "symptoms" happening in your living space
  • Description of your living space (house or apartment, number of floors and rooms, either your name or address to connect to the right energy field) 

Price 150$ / Hour*

*It rarely takes me more than 1 hour, especially old or big houses may require more time to clear properly.