Hi my name is Eric! I call myself "The Harmonizer" because that's exactly what I can do for you, I harmonize energy fields in order to accelerate your personal and professional growth!


     My keenest interest has always have been the understanding of  human potential. What makes certain people accomplish extraordinary feats, while others have trouble waking up in the morning. That got me interested in various fields like philosophy, theology, psychology and science in general.

     On my quest for knowledge I came across various metaphysical fields that I put to the test to see if they were as valid as "science". To my stupefaction, fields like astrology, numerology, physiognomy, energy healing and even tarot reading yielded very positive and quantifiable results. 

     That is when I learned that intuition and "psychic" abilities could be trained and developed even without obvious potential. So from that point on, I trained daily to develop this connection within myself and towards others. At the same time I learned about our innate ability to create our own reality and our own healing. I studied what influences what we experience in our reality, what makes us experience pleasant vs unpleasant situations and what is required for growth


     At this point, I started linking all the fields I studied together and noticed they ALL have an effect upon one another. This convinced me that total healing or change is only possible when we touch on all facets of human life; Body, Mind, Heart and Soul. This was also the point in my career where I stopped using the very specific healing techniques I had learned in the past. Now I allow myself to use any techniques or vibrations the person need during a session with them. 


     This is what makes the most sense considering that every human being is vastly different, composed of varied memories, experiences and belief systems unique to them. There's absolutely no way two different persons could react the same way to a "general" technique made for "general" purposes. 

     Now I use every concept I learned in order to help you create changes in your reality according to the unique way your body, mind, heart and soul wants to change. By bringing the factors necessary for your transformation, be it frequencies, setting, words, sounds and all other elements that are needed to help you shift your current reality to one that is aligned to who you are!


     Everything I learned was for me to understand the nature of the universe and how to use it's laws to create the life I wanted. Now that it is done, I can use the same knowledge to help you do the same.


     It is my most sincere honor and privilege to be able to do so.





Eric's Birthday: March 08 1983

Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Human Design Type: Pure Generator


Profile: 1/3