Frequently asked questions about why houses needs energy clearing and how it works.

More in depth explanation on the Harmonization of the quantum fields for businesses.

Beliefs create your reality, hence un-believing what doesn't work is essential for you to attract what you want.

What kind of symptoms can be "healed" and what ARE symptoms?

If I was to take the scientific approach, I would explain that in quantum physics, time and space is a constant. Which means that when you tap into the quantum field, the past, present, future and distance differ only in their frequency. Using energies that are of the same frequency type as the quantum field, it becomes possible to create change at this level to your energy template that resides in that field, creating change at the moment you become aware of it, in the for of a "download" of...

It is my own way of understanding and providing healing. It is the synthesis of all the knowledge and techniques I accumulated over the years. An Harmony is when two different frequencies vibrates at the same rhythm. Your inner self (aka: soul, higher self, soulful self, source, essence, etc...) vibrates at a certain frequency. This frequency creates an attraction field which attracts everything (emotions, relationships, situations, events, etc...) within your reality. Now you may ask, why does...

The months before deciding to go van lifing, a look into the mind frame and situations that brought on this decision.

Before understanding my current decisions, it's important to understand who I was and where I came from.