What is an Harmonization?

     To really grasp what an Harmonization is, it is necessary to understand what IS Harmony.


     It is a funny word to define as there is no strict scientific rule that determines what is or not harmonious. The best definition you can find is: "What feels good or is pleasant to the ear". What feels good eh? That's it?

     No data, no power point, no rules to determine if you're doing good or not, you just need to... feel?


     That's right, if it feels good it's harmonious, if it doesn't, well, something's off. In music, if you're used to listen to the same perfectly arranged song and know every notes by heart, when you go watch a live performance and there's musical "errors" in the song, you immediately know. You may not know exactly why or what, but it just won't feel the same.


     Also, it is important to note that the body is ALWAYS in balance. It's always trying to achieve homeostasis, which means it will always compensate for everything to reach a null point. Balance is neutral, it's neither good or bad, so even though we're always balanced, we're not always harmoniously so.


     For example: imagine if you're always in a state of anxiety, excessive fear and worry running through you at all times. This is not balanced, so the body will seek to feel "nothing", so the mind will push you to do activities or build habits of consumptions that brings you to a numb state, to "balance out" the excessive emotional distress. In truth, the feeling of anxiety is there in order for you to deal with it, it's a strong signal to get your attention, but if you don't know why that is or what to do about it, your only resort is to numb it out.


     So the state of harmony in this case would be to feel great all the time no matter what you do. It would feel better wouldn't it? 

     This is where the basis of how I apply what I call an harmonization.

     So as you may have heard, everything in creation vibrates at a certain frequency. Everything. That means that emotions and thoughts have their own range of frequencies by which they vibrate. Just try to remember the time in your life you were the most angry at someone, I bet afterwards you were shaking for an hour. You were physically "vibrating" at the frequency from excessive anger output.

     The image above is a simple drawing that explains the concept of anti-sound, or rather, the constructive and destructive interference. It's basically saying if you add two vibration of similar frequency together, the out put will be amplified. Think of a mass riot, where very many angry people manifest their discontent. You may not even be there to manifest, or may not be a person prone to anger, but you can easily be swept by the flow of emotions and start manifesting violently without realizing what you're doing.

     The opposite is also true, if one emits at a certain frequency, then another person comes close and emits the exact opposite vibration, it will cancel out, leaving nothing but silence, calmness. Think about that person in your life that always manages to calm you down when you're near. Whenever you have a problem, you can just talk to her and you feel soo much better afterwards. They're able to cancel out the "noise" that you emit and help you change your frequencies. They may not be aware of what they're doing, it's passive work that stems from intention to want to help.

     Now what would happen if someone could use both types of frequencies to counter unwanted frequencies and bolster the wanted ones?

     To further the subject, we need to understand what is an Empath. Empath is term coined in 1956 to describe paranormal beings able to feel other people's emotions. It was believed that some people were born with this "super power". Nowadays it seems 40% of people are empath but in actuality, it's closer to 100%. I believe the ability to feel one another is a basic function that has been inhibited for a long time and it has started to resurface in the past few decades.

     You see, the heart has the innate capacity to feel itself, but also to feel others. It's no different than being able to speak words and receiving sound information through your ears. It's just another level of frequencies. Actually, in Sanskrit, the word for the heart chakra is "Anahata" or the unstruck sound (sound that is not physical, that doesn't need to be struck to be heard).


     I am an empath. So when I walk around people, I'm not just looking at them, I'm feeling them also. When you listen with your heart, you start to comprehend that all the hurts people have suffered in their lives are evident. People are broadcasting all their lives at all times, it's just a matter of opening up and listening to the sound of their heart. 

     So to me, people are a unique symphony of frequencies. So when I work, I actively listen to those "unstruck sounds" and I let my heart produce the blend of frequencies that feels right for the person. Sometimes it's accompanied by sounds that I need to vocalize, followed by body movement, hand placements, words but nothing is set or premeditated. I just follow the flow of feelings and let my heart flow out.

     It creates a resonance with my clients which I call an Harmonization, it balances the energy fields to make them feel right.


     So you may wonder, how is that useful? 

     It allows for release of emotional energies that are no longer useful or actually harming the body and causing the mind to find ways to circumvent trauma. By by-passing the mind and going directly to the emotional source, it allows quicker and more efficient relief and let's the mind and body adjust with ease with the release of the emotional "pressure" it caused.

     The effects are varied and tied to how much a person needs to or wants to change. The effects are always positive and bring about great change in a person's life.

     I hope it helped you understand a bit more about how I perceive what I do, it's about to more in depth I can go in the subject. If you have further questions or inquiries please send me an email and I'll be glad to answer any question you may have.

What can I expect after a session?

  • Changes in your belief systems; less rigidity, what annoyed you won't affect you as much or will affect you more. I say more because sometimes we need to act in order to shift our beliefs, our reality. Being more emotionally triggered than usual to a specific situation may be useful in order to make us take actions that are necessary to make impactful changes allowing for positive outcomes to manifest.
  • Patterns will start to break, allowing for new opportunities to arise.
  • Shift/release in physical/emotional/mental tensions and perceptions. 
  • Sense of well-being, relaxation, focus and clarity.
  • More will to live.
  • Shifts in your personality/ego.
  • Meaningful relationships will start to make an appearance in your life.