What is an Harmonization?

  • It is my own way of understanding and providing healing. It is the synthesis of all the knowledge and techniques I accumulated over the years. 
  • An Harmony is when two different frequencies vibrates at the same rhythm. Your inner self (aka: soul, higher self, soulful self, source, essence, etc...) vibrates at a certain frequency. This frequency creates an attraction field which attracts everything (emotions, relationships, situations, events, etc...) within your reality.  Now you may ask, why does xyz (unwanted situation) always happens to me?
  • The problem comes from the ego, which overlaps the soul (like a glove) and distorts the attraction field. The job of the ego is to "protect" the soul. If an event induced a trauma, the ego tries to protect the soul from the pain by attaching an emotion and mental behaviors to avoid similar frequencies of event to come in contact with the soul. 
  • Belief systems are also stored within the ego, further changing what we attract in life. They come from what we learned in life or through our genetics (we come equipped with beliefs from our ancestors).
  •  What I do, is I connect to a factor or numerous factors you want to attract in your reality and then I connect it to the frequency of your soul. This creates a path within the quantum field which is currently being filtered by your ego, it highlights all the "choices" that needs to be changed in order to allow the wanted factors to be attracted to you.
  • By allowing this process to happen, it creates a resonance between our two souls and you subconsciously learn what you need to understand in order to make the required "internal" changes. The second effect of this process is to attract situations, events or relationships that YOU need, to make the required physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or belief systems changes to eventually attract what you want.
  • It is a two prong approach that creates strong changes on the ego, which will create a lot of changes in your life.

What can I expect after a session?

  • Changes in your belief systems; less rigidity, what annoyed you won't affect you as much or will affect you more. I say more because sometimes we need to act in order to shift our beliefs, our reality. Being more emotionally triggered than usual to a specific situation may be useful in order to make us take actions that are necessary to make impactful changes allowing for positive outcomes to manifest.
  • Patterns will start to break, allowing for new opportunities to arise.
  • Shift/release in physical/emotional/mental tensions and perceptions. 
  • Sense of well-being, relaxation, focus and clarity.
  • More will to live.
  • Shifts in your personality/ego.
  • Meaningful relationships will start to make an appearance in your life.
  • If used on a business;
    • more clients, change in the "type" of clients you are attracting.
    • better productivity, enhances the morale or environment of a work place.
    • allows for a proper readjustment in personnel; employees will naturally shift to their optimal positions.

What's the difference with the Wingman bundle?

  • Committing to a longer term relationship, allows me to help you in broader ways. These are all live calls, as you describe the issues you want to work on, I get intuitive information on what is blocking you from attracting what you desire. By sharing this information with you, it now becomes something you can work on in your conscious mind.
  • I share all the techniques I know that I believe will help you help yourself achieve your goals.
  • YOU choose when you need help. Sometimes it feels like life is easy and everything is flowing, but when life gets chaotic and you don't know where to look at? I'll be your wingman, by your side to help you through.
  • More focus on making YOU, the master of your reality. I will be sharing all the insights that you need in order to allow the experiences that you need to go through, in order to manifest what you want in your life.
  • You get 5 sessions for the price of 3.33.
  • Continuous support, I will share insights and advises whenever you need in between booked sessions.

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