Home is where the heart is.


It means that everything that you are comes from it. Your values, your needs, your emotions, your feelings, your path, your essence...

They all originate from your heart, which speaks directly to your soul

It is also from your heart that you create the world you live in.


If you feel certain areas of your life aren't working out, it also means certain aspects of you are being suppressed or ignored.


My work is first to listen. 


I listen to what you say, then to your thoughts, to your body, to your heart and finally, to your soul. This simple act allows you to release what is buried deep down and the root cause of your suffering.


The second part is to allow all aspects of you to Harmonize, to work together equally, by first conferring with your heart. To make sure that all your actions, thoughts and feeling are aligned with who YOU are.


The final part is to teach you to listen. Not only to your mind, but body and heart. Because once you listen to your truest self, you can never go wrong again. "Mistakes" can no longer happen because you are following your own path, which you are the creator of.

When you start living from your heart, all aspects of your life will fall into place effortlessly.


It would be my deepest honor to assist you in reaching that state.




If you resonate with the above, feel free to follow me on facebook where I do weekly group sessions every other Wednesday evening. Each session has a theme and it is followed by a Q&A where I answer questions and listen to feedback. 

If you prefer a more direct approach, I offer private consultations personally tailored for you via phone, skype, zoom or recording sent by email. Feel free to consult the services section to know more about the type of services I offer.


Thank you for visiting, I wish you the greatest joy in your quest for inner truth and healing!