You Create your own Reality

This section is dedicated on making you realize how impactful every choice you make is on your reality. By becoming conscious of this, you will be able to make choices that helps you create a reality that makes you the architect of your life.

     Let's start with a very easy principle to grasp. Let's say you dislike eating cherries. You then create a belief system (a belief system is actually a default choice or set of choices to experience life) to make you unable to eat cherries, taste is bad, texture is yucky!, sugar, cancer?, allergy, ate too much when I was a kid, etc... This belief (aka: default choice), if untouched, will make it so that you will never experience that taste again in your life, imagine this choice as a shockwave, impacting the entirety of your life.


     Another example: you do not have a driving license. Again, this choice has to be validated by a belief system in order to take root. Beliefs like cars are creating pollution and pollution kills the planet, I don't need a vehicle, public transportation is more convenient, I can get anywhere with my bicycle, driving is dangerous, drivers are dangerous and I feel insecure on the road, etc... This again, will make it so that you will always be dependent on someone else to drive you around, relinquishing your right to experience what it is to drive any kind of vehicle. Which, again, will impact all of your future choices, limiting your future options for the rest of your life.


     Let's add another one for good measures. "Money is the most important factor in a romantic relationship". Believing that is a choice, not a fact. This is often time related to a previous financial lack in life, triggered from a fear of lack. This leads to attracting relationships where the opposing party will have ample money to support you financially, but may not be present to support you in other aspect of your life, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Creating lack in these aspects of your life, creating more needs.


     These examples should start to make your brain turn and analyze the scenarios I discussed to see if they have any validity. Of course, every one makes choices for different reasons, based on previous choices and experiences, but it's up to you to stick to that belief or try to change it.

     Now that you understand the importance of a single choice, imagine the impact of all the choices you made in your life prior to this point and how it shapes your life right now. Because they all overlap, filtering how you will experience the rest of your life.


     Let's give you an example of the effects of overlapped choices/beliefs filters your reality. Let's say the fictional Vicky chooses to be vegan, to only use public transportation and to speak English and Mandarin (choice to study and learn more than one language). Now imagine Vicky is downtown, starved to death and looking for a bite to eat. She looks at the map for nearby vegan restaurants and the closest one is 45 mins of walk. She is starved, so she doesn't want to walk 45 mins in the scorching sun before eating, so she calls a nearby cab, saving her at least 30 mins. The driver asks Vicky where she wants to go, she notices he has a strong Chinese accent so she tries her luck and ask him (in Mandarin) if he knows of any close by restaurants serving vegan meals. Excited to be able to speak his mother tongue, the driver recommends she takes a look at his family's restaurant, which is unlisted as a vegan joint but assures her they will make something for her if she asks for it, best of all, it was only 5 minutes away!


     So in this situation if Vicky wasn't vegan, she might have stopped at the nearest burger joint, making this scenario impossible. If she had a car, she might have driven herself to the vegan joint she had found on the map, giving her that option. If she didn't speak Mandarin, she wouldn't have felt at ease asking this question to the driver, as he didn't seem to master the English language enough to answer her.


     As you can see, every choices filters how your reality is shaped, what kind of experience appears in your life and the choices you can make for the opportunities that comes your way. Now these are purely physical, easy to grasp principles, to get your head around the concept of how choices affects your reality.


     Using Vicky's example, let's see how the same choices affects her physical body. She chose to be vegan. So that forces her body to digest food differently, to find different ways to get the nutrients it needs to sustain it's own life. When Vicky went through the transition between being an omnivore and vegan, her body had to change which enzymes to digest the new type of food intake, how to properly extract the new nutrients type and how to spread it across the body properly. You see, the body gets used to process food in a certain way and gets better at extracting it's nutrients and how to distribute to which part of the body. This sudden change, creates a temporary imbalance which forces the body to adapt to the new diet. Forever changing how the body function internally. So during this transition, Vicky probably had to figure out how to balance her spikes in energy, what she needs to eat and when.


     As you can see, this choice of lifestyle changed her physically. It is actually the same for every choice we make at different levels. This same choice also changes her mental pathways and the way she thinks. Because she now has to be very aware of whatever she eats. So the brain has to adapt, calculate, analyze any ingredients of any meal she has, her sense of taste has to become more sensitive to any kind of animal products, to make sure she doesn't eat any. Vicky will also need to start cooking her own food more often as it is way easier to make sure she eats according to her beliefs. Any trip that she makes has to include special stops for what nourishment she needs. So as you can see, this choice also has a strong impact on the mental aspect of her life, changing how the brain physically work (new neuro pathways), how her senses transmit information and even how she thinks!


     Now you more deeply understand how one singular choice, creates more choices and affects the opportunities coming into reality, changes the physical body AND the mental body. But now, does that same choice have emotional ramifications? Of course it does! As humans, we RARELY take decisions solely based on the mental or physical aspect, it is almost always based on all three levels. To get this information, it is important to go back to why Vicky chose to become vegan in the first place. We could take the easiest option and say that she feels strongly for animals and doesn't want to make animals suffer, so she refuses to consume any animal products. Being vegan, gives her a sense of pride from following her beliefs and helping a "movement" that is aligned to her values. 


     She also chose to be an advocate of the movement, causing her to encourage others to follow in her example of freeing animals from their "slavery" and suffering from mankind. Making her feel righteous when fighting for her cause and a bit frustrated when contemplating so many people not wanting to change their ways. Which again, brings ample opportunities in her reality to argue and bring diverging opinions on forums and on social media, causing even more emotional turmoil.


     With this example, we come to understand how the three major bodies (physical, emotional and mental) interact with one another with each choices, cause different opportunities to occur and change the overall experience of the individual experiencing it (Vicky in this case). That's where we get a bit esoteric, what about the soul? Does anything in what we are discussing have any effect or impact on the soul/soul body? Absolutely.


     This is all based on my own perception of the soul, what it is, what it wants, how it interacts. Feel free to ask yourself if any of what I am writing about feels right for you, your answer is as good as mine. To me, the soul only wants to experience it's own expression in the physical universe. It's only goal is to live through this physical life as close to it's true nature as possible, sharing it's many gifts and ways of interacting with everyone it meets. In simpler terms, shinning it's own light with anyone with eyes to witness it. So in the case of Vicky, her soul realizes that animals are living creatures with souls and wishes to treat them on equal terms with humans. So this choice of being vegan is directly aligned with what her soul wishes to experience, causing her to be very driven to the cause. 

     For the soul, there's always something to gain from an experience, there's no right or wrong, just a different viewpoint from which to learn from. And that's exactly where it gets complicated for most humans. You see, the way I picture how the soul interact with the rest of the bodies, is a bit like a painted bulb. The paint is acting like a filter to the soul's natural expression or vibration to change how it shines. A red painted bulb will shine red, but it's innate expression is of pure white light right?


     In common term, the paint relates to the ego, but what is the ego? Why is it here and of why does it relate to this topic? Again, this is my opinion of what i understand, feel free to figure out your own answer by asking yourself what makes sense to you. The ego is the record of every memories, beliefs, choices and experiences you have made in your life. Every time you experience anything, your ego paint a certain color over your bulb (subconsciously), to remember what each experiences felt like, on all levels (physical, emotional, mental). For example, Vicky is still 2 years old, she climbs on the counter while her mother is cooking on the stove. While mother turns away for a minute to look for ingredients to add to her soup, little Vicky wants to cook also. So she crawls over to the stove and puts her right hand on the boiling pot to try to lift herself up to see what's cooking, burning herself in the process. 

     At that very moment, the soul and the ego is very receptive to everything that is happening, the burning sensation on the hand, the body being put in a state of panic to get away from the stove, the deep scream and cries to call for help from her mother, the emotional state of the mother as she yells Vicky's name, running towards her to offer help. All the physiological, emotional and mental states of this event are then being recorded "on the paint", to protect the bodies from such a painful experience. Some is conscious, but most of it is stored within the subconscious memory, causing the bodies to re-act to prevent similar experiences to occur. To extrapolate on the repercussions of this "painted" event on Vicky's bulb, let's dissect what has been recorded and project it into the future.


     Vicky is now 28, the burn on her right hand wasn't severe enough to leave physical marks, but still the effects of this incident is affecting her to this day. For a reason unbeknownst to her, the thought of wanting to cook, or to help someone cook, gives her anxiety and can even lead to panic attacks. It doesn't affect her too much, she just let others handle the cooking, she's not so interested in it anyways. That event when she was two is no longer part of her conscious mind, even her mother forgot about it. But the event recorded in Vicky's mind, triggers a defense mechanism in order for her to keep away from a similar trauma. The thought that triggered the whole chain of event was "I want to help my mother cook!", so any situation in the same line of the thought, sends her nervous system in a state of stress, making her anxious and causing panic attacks.


     The previous is an example where the ego and the soul are in conflict. The soul would love to learn to cook, but the ego doesn't let any attempts to even try. Meaning that unless a significant amount of willpower is used to control the fear, this experience will never occur in Vicky's life. Now this relates to a strong trauma, but our subconscious records everything, thus affecting every similar events with pre-processed responses, altering the likely re-actions will take in any situations. 


     These are examples of how a singular choice and event can have a long lasting effect in a person's life and reality, now imagine how much information is being recorded EVERYDAY and how it shapes your reality. 

     This, is the basis behind true reality creation. The awareness of what our ego is blocking us from experiencing, allows us to force a new experiment that overwrites the previously recorded experience, not only changing how we act in those situations, but also opening us up to attract new possibilities that wouldn't be possible otherwise. At the same time, it allows the soul to get the